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In spring 2017 Brand Newark won a competitive public sector tender to provide a new brand design for a local management organisation in the building construction and maintenance industryThe organisation created a new trading name — Veris (meaning Truth) — to help reach and engage with their target market.

The chosen concept used a set of simple geometric triangular shapes which came together to form a larger cube “building block” giving the icon depth and perspective, while still working effectively as a flat graphic. Not only that, the negative space within the cube also cleverly forms the initial letter V. The colour palette is an extension of the colour indigo (associated with integrity) creating a vivid, yet harmonious, combination of colours.

Following the success of the new brand identity, we then won a second competitive tender for the same organisation to act as their primary brand and design provider for a three year period. Veris plans to open a number of new build sites in the near future so you should expect to see more of their branding in and around Newark.