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Future Cloud Accounting

Creation of logo and business cards for brand new local accountancy duo.
Working with friends can sometimes have the potential to cause awkwardness if things don’t quite go to plan, but when they have such a clear sense of identity and direction and you understand entirely what it is they want to achieve, it makes projects such as these an absolute dream.

From our initial discussions, Francesca and Charlotte were very keen on using colour as key brand identifier, with each one choosing their preferred colour — Green (Fran) and Purple (Charlotte) — with the intention of using those colours to identify each of them individually on business cards etc, and then the colours combined on the Future Cloud logo and other brand elements to reinforce the concept of partnership.

The concept behind the cloud icon was to create a stylistic and original way to incorporate the initial letters of both the business name and the name of the two partners (which was no coincidence) within a simple graphical cloud device. This combined with the distinctive colour palette creates a clear and personal brand style for this new business venture.