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Tour of Britain Land Art Project


What's that coming over the hill...

A little design for something BIG at Sconce and Devon Park to mark the Newark stage of the Tour of Britain.

The imminent arrival of the Tour of Britain in our town is such a big deal and lots of local businesses are getting fully involved and have made great efforts to welcome the cyclists and spectators by decorating their shop windows and finding various other ways to show their support.

Being the local design and marketing agency we also wanted to get involved and show our support in some way, so we contacted Newark & Sherwood District Council to discuss what options were available, and one such option really stood out to us.

Final design for the Sconce and Devon Park Land Art.

Final design for the Sconce and Devon Park Land Art.

We were asked to design a huge piece of land art for Sconce and Devon Park to visually mark Newark's participation in this fantastic national sporting event.

Those eagle-eyed amongst you may spot the Newark & Sherwood initials hidden within the design, making it totally unique to the Newark stage of the event.

At the size this was produced, the full design will only be visible from above, hopefully captured by the national news coverage as they record the riders from the air on their final sprint to the finishing line.

The images above, taken just this morning, only give an indication of the scale of the project as the full image cannot be viewed properly from ground level.

This was a great project to be involved with and lots of different ideas were discussed but these were sadly not achievable within the constraints of the project, but these are possibly things we could apply to future projects.

We would like to thank Newark & Sherwood District Council for letting us get involved in the Tour of Britain celebrations and we hope everyone enjoys the fun and festivities on race day.

If you would like to know more about this or any other project to find out how we could create a big impact for your business then you can call 01636 349042 or send an email to

Paul Andrew