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Nottinghamshire County Show Tickets!


Have you got yours?

It's less than 24 hours until this years' Nottinghamshire County Show at the Newark Showground and this year Brand Newark have played a small but (we like to think) very important role  in the proceedings. Yes, we've only gone and designed and printed the actual tickets.

As we'd like as many people as possible to see our work, we thought plugging the County Show would be a smart move.

We'll be heading over to the show ourselves this year and the team have picked out their list of 'must sees'.

  • Avon Valley Ferrets - who doesn't like a nice ferret?
  • Lawn Mower Racing
  • Atkinson Action Horses - as featured in Peaky Blinders and Poldark
  • The Golden Guernsey Goats
  • Froojamflip & Fred - a quirky gardening duo (probably one for the kids)

One thing that's really caught our eye is the Rhucello stand which is billed as Yorkshire's answer to Limoncello. Don't get me wrong, I love a cold Limoncello on a balmy evening on the Amalfi Coast - but I'm not sure about the Rhubarb version on a cold night in Wakefield.  We'll give it a go though!

If you would like any tickets designed, or anything else for that matter (we do other stuff too!) or just want to find out about any of the services Brand Newark offer then you can contact us using the form below. 


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