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Newark is the Happiest Place to Live in the East Midlands


Rightmove has crowned Newark as the happiest place to live in the East Midlands!

The 2017 Happy at Home survey asked over 17,000 people across England, Scotland and Wales how happy they are where they live. The survey looked at factors such as community spirit, feeling safe, friendliness of the locals, amenities and local services available and earning enough to live comfortably.

The results ranked Newark as 70th overall across the UK with Leamington Spa number one place to live.

Derby was in 82nd place followed by Nottingham in 89th and Lincoln in 94th.

Rightmove’s Research Manager Abiola Oni said: “We’ve looked at the connection between each of the factors and what contributes to how happy people say they are overall, and it’s the people in an area and how someone feels about living there that makes the biggest difference. So the strength of community spirit, people feeling like they belong and that they can be themselves are all more important than the services and money that they have, though these do still contribute to overall happiness.”

You can see where other cities across the UK ranked here.

Photograph Credit: Experience Nottingham

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Ruth Melling