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Losing my Newark Business Club virginity


Our Creative Director Paul normally attends the monthly Newark Business Club meetings. He seems to enjoy it, has established some good contacts and, to be fair, doesn't object to getting up at silly o'clock once a month. Unfortunately he wasn't able to attend this month so I went in his place and broke my Newark Business Club virginity.

I've been to lots of business networking events around Lincoln and Newark but let me tell you I was really impressed by this one. It was highly professional but at the same time very friendly, ran perfectly smoothly and precisely on time. I found it highly informative and was able to make some really good contacts. Credit where credit is due to the people who organise it and especially the new Chair, Kerri Saxby.

The main event was a talk from Paddy Tipping, Nottingham Police Commissioner, who confirmed it no uncertain terms that, contrary to popular belief, Newark Police Station wasn't going to close, however, £250,000 p.a. has been saved by taking the custody suite out of service. In another potential money saving measure, he confirmed that they were in talks with the nearby (and past its best) ambulance station to share some facilities, which all seems sensible in a climate of austerity. His focus was firmly on providing a better service whilst looking at ways of sensibly reducing costs - which is a lesson Newark's Business Community could surely relate to.

Being a politician, he did swerve a question on the issue on the impact of the "traveller community" on Newark's ability to attract visitors and ended with a rousing message of fighting crime being "everybody's business".

It was a very informative, useful and enjoyable morning and, if you don't already attend, it would definitely be worth you while giving it further consideration. Meetings take place on the first Friday of every month at the Everyday Champions Centre.

Andrew Stafford, Managing Director, Brand Newark

Visit the Newark Business Club website here.


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