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Brand Newark and Jalapeno Business Services


We've worked pretty closely with local IT management experts Jalapeno Business Services for almost 10 years now, so we thought it was about time we popped the question and ask them if they wanted to make it official. 

As pretty much everything we do in the world of marketing and design now relies on well designed, functional and reliable IT, we have to have a proactive approach as far as our systems are concerned. 

"We've worked with Laurence and his team at Jalapeno for a long time now and have refered them to other businesses on many occasions. Beyond the rnormal services that IT support businesses offer, they make sure they spend time understanding our business and help us plan for the future. Their response times and customer service levels are fantastic".

— Andrew Stafford, Managing Director Brand Newark

The working collaboration between the two business simply involves an element of co-location, mutual business support and a cross-business referral process.

"We're pleased to be working in closer partnership with Brand Newark. We've seen how they have helped lots of local based businesses and we're confident that the marketing plan we have developed with them will help us achieve all our objectives. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to any company who are looking to grow their business and reach more customers".

— Laurence Childs, Managing Director Jalapeno Business Services

Oh, did we mention that we also designed Jalapeno's branding?

We're a friendly bunch here at Brand Newark and 'collaboration' could almost be our middle name, so if you want to talk about working more closely with us or just want to find out about any of the services Brand Newark has to offer then you can either call us on 01636 600 200 or email