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Isla's Exit Strategy


The latest team event, organised by our soon to be departing work placement student Isla, was certainly one to remember... and one for remembering!

Every few month's or so, a member of the Brand Newark team is drawn out of a hat/cup/shoe and they are then given a budget of £20 per person and tasked with organising some sort of team event or experience.

So far we have seen a West End Show screened live at a local cinema, been taken on a Ghost Walk around Lincoln and attended a private wine-tasting event. All very different and successful experiences. This time Isla's name was drawn out and she certainly didn't disappoint.

With it being just a week before Isla finishes her one year work placement it doubled up as a very unique leaving party. The rest of the team were completely in the dark about what we would be doing and ironically, even when we arrived at Tension Exit Games, we still had no clue.

After being led into what I can only describe as The Crystal Maze's younger sibling (if you're not aware of The Crystal Maze then a quick Google search is essential), we were split into two teams and each team shown into a different themed room.

The "Boys" were shown into the Lancaster Room and given 60 minutes to solve a series of elaborate clues, each clue leading to the next, in an effort to retrieve the stolen key for a Lancaster Bomber. After some initial head-scratching we broke the code and followed the clues (not giving anything away for those who might want to experience it themselves) and eventually completed the task with just 1 minute 40 seconds left on the clock.

The "Girls" were shown in the the Imp Room and their goal was to find the Imp hidden somewhere within the room by solving lots of different riddles and puzzles, each bringing them closer to where that cheeky little Imp was. They described it as being very challenging but had fun working together and completed their room with just over 11 minutes to spare. Which, in their eyes (even though we didn't view it as being competitive) meant that they won!

It was a great experience and we were all beaming as we wondered off for some well-earned pizza. As we discussed en route, the brain burns between 20 and 50 calories per day, so after an hour of thinking really, really hard we definitely earned that dessert too.