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Happy Birthday from Beaumond House

Mark Birthday.jpg

As I'm sure many of you do at work, when we have team birthdays at Brand Newark we all chip in a few quid, buy a present and eat cake. There's usually a semi-concealed office panic here the day before a birthday as we've been distracted by more pressing tasks and the search for a willing volunteer to decide what to buy, go shopping and collect the cash begins. To try to make the job easier we have an annual theme and in the past these have included...

- Alcohol
- Mugs
- "Middle Aisle at Aldi"
- The Bedroom (sleep!)

After much consideration the theme this year is "Anything, as long as it's from a Beaumond House Charity Shop". We figured it not only helps a local charity and fulfills our commitment to "Reuse, Reduce, Recycle" but it's a good laugh and you can some cracking deals!

The picture shows our Joint MD, Mark Brown, modelling a very posh tweed jacket and a mildly amusing sign but we also got him two DVDs and a very tasteful tie.

Find out how you can help Beaumond House here.

Here at Brand Newark we've had a busy start to the year so, to be fair, Mark was lucky to get anything.  The main projects we've been busy with include a website for Oakmere Golf Course, some classy brochures for a wedding venue weddings and some event marketing support for Newark and Sherwood Homes.

We'll be adding these to our website soon, in the meantime you can see some of our other work here.


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