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Don't Panic - it's only GDPR


I'm sure we can all appreciate the irony of the nation's mailboxes being flooded with unwanted email about GDPR. 

And with a double slice of irony here's the Brand Newark take on it...

We've had a series of questions from concerned clients about what GDPR means for their marketing so we thought we'd share some of them here, just in case you had similar worries.

1. Can I still send out B2B marketing emails to my distribution list?
Of course you can, GDPR does not explicitly require opt-in consent for B2B marketing activities. If the emails you send are relevant and there is a clear opt-out facility there isn't a problem.  However, different rules do apply to B2C marketing. You can find out more about GDPR and email marketing here.

2. How do I ensure my website is GDPR compliant?
First ask yourself if your website captures and holds personal information, if it doesn't then no need to change anything due to GDPR.  If it does, for example if your site holds data before passing it onto a 3rd party payment platform, then you just need to ensure it is removed after a reasonable period.

3.  Can I still use Google Analytics to track my website traffic?
Many of our customers use Google Analytics to track visitor numbers and their behaviour.  However, the tool doesn't collect personal data so it isn't directly affected by GDPR.

So 'GDPR Day' is coming soon but we can continue to expect further debate and confusion well beyond May 25th and, possibly, just as many GDPR related emails in your inbox.


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