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Cycling Stories — Rob

Guest Blogger Rob Page, Head of Design at  Wattbike , and his son Charlie.

Guest Blogger Rob Page, Head of Design at Wattbike, and his son Charlie.


MAMIL in Training 

Having spent a year working as the Senior Designer for The Adelaide Crows, an Australian Rules Football team, I was keen to continue working within the sports field (pardon the pun) on my return to the UK.

As a graphic designer being able to combine my love of colours and shapes together with an industry that is both inspiring and engaging meant that taking the position of Head of Design at Wattbike was a no-brainer.

To give you an understanding of my role at Wattbike I need to explain about the product and its position within the sports industry. Essentially the Wattbike is the industry leading indoor cycling solution used by high performance athletes such as Lizzie Deignan, Anthony Joshua and Andy Murray as well as teams such as Premiership Champions Chelsea FC, my own beloved Fulham FC and the general public, within gyms and at home.

Professional road racing cyclist Lizzie Deignan training on a Wattbike.

Professional road racing cyclist Lizzie Deignan training on a Wattbike.

What makes the bike unique is the real-ride feel together with the data driven visuals that provide users with highly accurate feedback on their performance. We recently released a new Pedalling Effectiveness Score (PES) that takes this to a new level by providing graphics that represent how efficient each leg is in a simple traffic light system, accessed via the Wattbike Hub that can be downloaded as an app and used on various devices.

PES iPhone Graphic Display

PES iPhone Graphic Display

Although I’m not a cyclist myself (other than occasional mountain bike sessions around Sherwood Pines where I can be seen dragging my four year old son around, his bike attached to my bike frame, giggling and screaming — and that’s just me), I do have a Wattbike at home as a perk of the job and find myself slowly turning into a MAMIL (Middle Aged Man In Lycra).

I can only apologise in advance to anyone who may be subjected to such a sight…

If you have a cycling story of your own you would like to share, feel free to contact us by emailing or calling 01636 349042.

Paul Andrew