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Brand Newark Young Professionals


Last week I challenged myself to give my first ever public talk at the Newark Young Professionals event.


That's me, Paul — the one with the beard — just in case you were wondering. Those who were at the event may have also been a little unsure of who I was after forgetting to actually introduce myself properly as I began my talk, but I guess this is the perfect opportunity to fill in the gaps and give you a bit more detail about what I spoke about on the night.

So, for the proper introduction, I'm Paul Andrew and I am the Creative Director at Brand Newark. We like to describe ourselves as... 

"Your local design and marketing agency supporting businesses based in Newark, Nottinghamshire and beyond" 

But, in truth, we are much more than that! The Newark Young Professionals networking evening was the perfect event for us to get involved with, as we are all (mostly) young professionals, living and working in and around the Newark area. We are here amongst you, both figuratively and literally.

This makes us part of the community we are here to support, which not only gives us an inside advantage but makes us more inclined to create great work that can positively impact the environment in which we live and work. 

Our team of (mostly) young professionals are here, ready and waiting, to help you and your business build and grow. If you're ready to make your mark on the local business community then call us on 01636 349042 or use the form on our Contact page to get in touch.