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A Giant Mole Halts Newark Traffic

Lorry Close Up.jpg

The next phase of Newark's £60m sewer replacement scheme got underway this week with Castlegate becoming one-way for the next 17 weeks.

The  work is being carried out by a giant tunneling machine which is 75 metres long and weighs in at 60 tonnes. 17 weeks seems quite a long time (in fact it's slightly longer than the gestation period of a domestic pig), so when I called into Asda on the way back from visiting a marketing and design client I thought I'd have a look at exactly where the road was closed.

It wasn't difficult to spot. A small gathering of bus drivers on a break were clearly amused by the amount of vehicles ignoring the road closed signs and having to do a U-turn when confronted with the actual barriers and cones. In some cases this was blocking traffic from the other direction.

So why do some drivers ignore the road closed signs?

Sign close up.jpg

You have to think about road signage like marketing and advertising. Marketers like us talk about “The Rule of Seven”, the idea that people need to see your marketing message seven times before they take action. You'd like to think that wouldn't always be the case for something as important as road signage but clearly it's taking a little time for this message to sink in with some Newark drivers.



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