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Aspire Schools Trust

Many of our local schools are forming multi-academy trusts and, naturally, some of them came to Brand Newark for their logo and branding.

One of the first we designed was for the Aspire Schools Trust which operates just over the border in Lincolnshire.  The initial brief was extremely open, they were looking for something that was both aspirational and demonstrated collaboration between different schools.  The client wasn’t able to give us much more direction than this but said they wanted to see our initial ideas and use these as a starting point.

As the project progressed, the client then introduced a further element to the brief and asked us to see if we could take inspiration from an important sculpture which is located one of the trust’s school sites.

The final logo and branding we created demonstrated the concept of moving onwards and upwards (through wings/flying) in a people centred environment. The changing colours also represent the transition of students through the educational process and the use of multiple linked ‘wings’ demonstrates the collaboration between different schools. The font used was the same as used by one of the trust’s schools, Sir William Robertson Academy, and the angles of the lead wing icon provides a clear visual connection between the icon and the title of the trust.